What’s Difference Between The Video Pokies And Regular Pokies?

Pokies is getting popular nowadays due to the amazing gameplay and easy to comprehend the games. People are engaging in the gameplay for different purposes where some engage into pokies for fun and others for earning larger funds.

Video pokies are the new technology that has been introduced recently, whereas regular pokies have been into business for a longer time. Let us here discuss the difference between video pokies and regular pokies and making people understand basic things regarding both.

Difference between video pokies and regular pokies!

The popularity of the video pokies has rocketed now in casinos, and online casinos get more visitors based due to a variety of video slots. On the other hand, three-reel slots are also really famous for the gameplay. However, you would be astonished to know that both of the games are pretty much similar and there is no much difference but look into aspects for video pokies versus regular pokies for gamblers to earn better benefits.

  • Reels

regular pokies have a limitation for the reels and symbols that is inherent the slot machines. There are mainly three reels since the time mechanical reels have been introduced since 1895. Some exceptional cases are surely there with the width of reels and size of symbols with five mechanical reels. Video slots allow you to practice as many reels you like to do, which makes it an optimal thing for people looking for an exceptional experience.



  • Payoff size vs frequency

the payoff size and frequency gets better with per winning spin for the three-reel slots. Most of payoff size is the same as the bet size they have been practising for. On the double diamond paytable, the minimal payoff for a three-coin bet is six coins. The pay off size on the video pokies is great where limited results arent presented with instead random results is provided, allowing the player to win better.

  • Bonuses

bonus events are what make video slots more interesting, whereas reels don’t require to stay on screen. You can get a totally different scene and bonus event that includes different benefits in the game and allowing people to win better. Not any bonus events were included in three reels. The regular game is based upon winning or losing the pay line. So, playing video pokies vs regular pokies is beneficial in terms of bonuses, and you can win better.

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